This Is How You Rotate PDF Pages Using an Online Tool

It’s no wonder why Portable Document Format or PDF is one of the most popular file formats right now. There’s a long list of reasons people use PDFs, and the primary one is that it can be opened and transferred on different devices without losing their layout. PDFs are also easy to create, provide strong security, and lightweight in size.

Probably, the only problem that users sometimes encounter with their PDF files is the upside-down pages after scanning. Combining multiple PDFs into a single document will also sometimes result in disorientated pages.

If you have a similar issue with your PDF files, you should use a tool to rotate the upside-down pages to their proper orientation. Here’s a guide on how to rotate a PDF using the PDFBear Rotate Tool.

Steps to Rotating PDF Pages Using PDFBear

Now, you can stop fretting about the upturned pages of your PDF file. With the PDFBear Rotate tool, it’s now easy for you to correct your PDF’s disorientated pages. Let’s walk through the process of rotating PDF pages using PDFBear with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Visit

Launch your preferred website browser and type in in the address bar to enter the PDFBear’s official site. Once you’re on the homepage, look for the “Rotate PDF” tool and hit click.

Step 2: Upload Your PDF on the Site

Clicking the Rotate PDF icon leads you to another web page where you can see the “Select Files” option. Click “Select Files” to choose the PDF file from your computer and upload it.

Step 3: Start Rotating the Pages to Their Proper Orientation

Once the PDF file upload is completed, you can now rotate the upturned pages of your PDF. Each page is represented as thumbnails, and look for the defective ones and edit them by clicking the arrows on the screen.

Step 4: Apply the Changes You Have Made on the File

If you have finished rotating the PDF pages, click the “Apply” button to confirm the changes. You should ensure that all upside-down pages are now set straight by double-checking them.

Step 5: Download Your Newly Edited PDF

Once you have applied the changes to your PDF file, the next step is to save the new PDF on your device. If you want to transfer the PDF to another device or share it with other people, these options come in handy after downloading the PDF.

Pros of Using This Web-Based Tool

For sure, you have a lot of options when it comes to online tools that can correct disorientated PDF pages. But if you’re looking for the best PDF Rotate tool, you should choose PDFBear. Here are the benefits of using this web-based software.

Your Uploaded PDF Files are Secure with

The official website of PDFBear is equipped with the latest security protocols to ensure that your uploaded files are safe and secure. If you upload a PDF on, it will be deleted one hour later, or you can manually remove it after you finish editing it.

Quick and No Hassle Editing Process

It’s so easy to correct the upturned pages of your PDF file if you use PDFBear. With the website’s user-friendly interface, you can do your task in just a matter of minutes. No-frills, just straight to setting the upside-down pages of your PDF to their right orientation.

You Can Use PDFBear on Various Devices

One advantage of an online tool is that you can use it on any gadget and platform. If you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux, this web-based PDF editor is the best for you.


PDFBear Rotate tool is the best online software that you can use to correct the upside-down pages of your Portable Document Format. Know more about this tool and the advantages of using it by reading the guide above.

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